Power – The Remix

Featuring Jay Z, John Legend and an almighty Switch up by Swizz Beats

Cee-Lo – Fuck You

From the hugely anticipating Lady Killer album he’s dropping. One of my inspirations here

Drake – Miss Me (Ft Lil Wayne)

Written In the Stars (Vid) – Tinie Tempah X Album Cover

Single : 27th September
Album : 4th October

Album Artwork + Track Listing When you Continue Reading…

Cally – A Midnight Snack

One of my last posts before i change temperatures for a week or so. Cally is an artist I came to know through working with Samuel Sky & E Realz. I’ve made a promise to myself to only cosign deserving rappers cos theres too many and with that comes too many egos which i dont endorse. With that being said. The Below is a 5 track EP of tracks entitled “A Midnight Snack” in leadup to his upcoming Mixtape “Another Faded Dream”.

Click To Download "A Midnight Snack"

Click to Download. I literally just finished listening and its straight on the phone in anticipation for the Full Mixtape. Pure Vibes

Power (Painting…..Not a Video)

This is an absolute madness. No other words really.

Watch it HERE

ABIADE – The Industry and Me *update*

Just want to start off by saying thanks to all the people sending me messages and comments about The Warm Up and also how much they’re looking forward to “The Industry & Me”.

This year has been a mad one for me both on a personal level and musical. Through getting my shit burgled and experiencing family losses I had to get things in perspective but I wont dwell on that.

TIAM is the result of me deciding to let my daring side burst out and will be a sort of Concept Mixtape. Anyone who listened to The Warm Up knew it was a re-introduction to me and a lyrical exercise of sorts. TIAM is going to let you in on my personality a lot more.

But why would want to know me? I’m not sure really, but i’d like to think my hard work hasnt gone unnoticed. Independent artists get a tough break but I always keep quiet and just make moves where I can. I make truthful music and music that feels right to me. Not what the people within the industry feel (and have often told me) I should be making.

I recorded a cover of Depeche Mode “Enjoy the Silence” and have recorded my take on Donna Summer’s Classic “I Feel Love” amongst the tracks to choose from. Then I have original Smashers from my friends and top Producers SRecords, Mr Mitch, Demay,  Zaheer, Bare Beats & E Realz to name a few.

So as you can probably guess. I’m out to impress everyone but no one at the same time. Hopefully you’ll love it though.

More updates to follow in the rare occasions I feel like speaking out like this. :)


RIP Granny

Katrina Bello

Very rarely do you come across a talent that makes you rethink your musical aspirations. Now this lady is a singer so it shouldnt even affect me really. But after introducing her onstage at Proud Galleries Camden recently, she did exactly that to me. Katrina Bello, DC based Nigerian singer songwriter, who is actually only here for a couple more weeks having done a 2.5 month internship here blew the very *spacious* crowd away with her short set of tunes. One a cover of a Chrisette Michelle Tune but before this, her AWESOME version of a song inspired by Kanye’s “Everything I am”. I’m quickly a huge fan and will support her from now.

And she's pretty damn Beautiful too.

Download The Boiling Point Here
Read her musings and inspirations Here
More videos of her killing it Here

Theophilus London – Hey Wonderful

Another Promo Vid from the big and bad “I WANT YOU” Mixtape

Hey Wonderful – Theophilus London from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

Hello Good Morning (Grime Remix)

This…..is…..the Grime Remix (Ever think you’d here Diddy say that????) . Say what you wanna say but Skepta did what tinchy and tinie didnt and that was keep it grime. Thats enough for me. Hopefully this edges Skepta closer to where he wants to be.

Download Link  HERE